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​Shadow Merchant's debut album, "The Tunnel" is also available.

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US band Shadow Merchant signed for the ROSfest 2018 After Party Events

Posted by blake on September 26, 2017 in News | Comments

US band Shadow Merchant signed for the ROSfest 2018 After Party Events

We are pleased to announce that local progressive rock band Shadow Merchant has been signed as the After Party band for ROSfest 2018. They played for us last in 2014, then as the Friday night after party band.  Their set back then was described as “kickin’ ass”.

When Shadow Merchant returns in 2018, they will be a different  band with new members. Their current line-up consists of veteran members Sean Reiter (guitars) and Howard Whitman (vocals, bass), while Michael LaBuono (keyboards), David Lee (drums), and Yvonne Blackwell (vocals, percussion) are new additions to the band. Also new since their last ROSfest appearance is that Shadow Merchant will perform at both the Friday night and the Saturday night after parties.

The Friday night after party will take place at the Appalachian Brewery Company, where the band will deliver a 90 minute long acoustic set.

The Saturday night after party will take place at The Pike Restaurant and Bar, which is situated less than a mile from the host hotel. Shadow Merchant will perform a 60 minute full electrical set there, which will be followed by the traditional jam session. As usual the jam session will be open to anyone that wants to play.

The after party events are an integral part of the ROSfest experience, and while the concerts is what people come to see, many of the most treasured memories come from these after party events. With Shadow Merchant playing, quality entertainment and an enjoyable experience is guaranteed.